Wine and Women International Awards 2019

Alamesa Wine & Beer Action Marketing convoques the Wine and Women Awards 2019, Quality Wines Competition with women intervention. This Competition will be held with the sponsorship of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), and with the assistance of AEPEV (Association of Spanish Wine Journalists and Writers).

DATE AND PLACE: May 9 & 10 2019, By The Way Restaurant & More and Escuela Española de Cata, respectively, Madrid.
REGISTRATION FEE: 100 € for the first sample, 70 € for the second and following samples presented by the same winery. Spanish wineries must add current VAT (21 %) to these fees.
Send 3 bottles for each participant wine, attaching the required documents (payment document and Registration Form in case you do not make online registration, and Certificate of women participation if you want to opt to Special Awards) to:

Plaza de Almagro 1
28770 Colmenar Viejo – Madrid (Spain)

The Organization puts at the disposal of the participants a logistic system of collection and shipment of samples to the Contest, with a cost per participating wine of 25 € for Spain mainland, 35 € for Spain islands and 50 € for the rest of the European Union. Select the corresponding box on the Form to request it, or contact to know the details of the service.


The best wines made by women are shown in the medal chart of WINE AND WOMEN 2018

Wines from all over the world are valuated and awarded by an exclusively feminine Jury in the XI Edition of the International OFFICIAL Contest from OIV Calendar.

A large and varied selection of wines from different origins attended the annual edition of the contest. The quality of the presented samples was evidenced in the Contest medal chart

Past 8th and 9th of May, the tastings corresponding to the Wine and Women 2018 International Awards were celebrated in the ‘Escuela Española de Cata’ of Madrid. This veteran and prestigious contest, which celebrates its XI Edition this year, is organized by Alamesa, has the recognition of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, and the sponsorship of Quely and Vaduva. The Contest has the peculiarity of being the first world wine competition in which the opinion of women is taken into account individually, also rewarding the best wines made by wineries with high female participation. Since its creation in 2007, many competitions with female juries have been born, but so far none of them values the work of women who make wine.

The call for the contest was very successful, improving the numbers of previous editions. More than two hundred different wines covering all the categories of the Contest were registered, coming from 15 different countries, among which are diverse origins like Slovakia, Uruguay, Chile, New Zealand or the United States, representing 34 international wine regions. The Spanish participation was also very remarkable, with 70 % of participating wines from up to 37 Spanish Appellations of Origin.

The Jury, composed exclusively by women which are professionals from the wine sector and experts in sensory analysis, had 50 % of members of international origin, representing countries such as France, Uruguay, Argentina, Italy, Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Portugal or Sweden. The high quality of the participating samples was evident in the Jury’s evaluations and in the medal chart of the Contest. A total of 64 Ruby and Diamond medals were awarded, fulfilling the maximum ratio stipulated in the rules of the Contest. There were quite a few wines that despite having obtained enough points to be awarded, were excluded from the medal chart to comply with the Regulation that limits the awards to the 30 % of the participating samples.

In view of the final results of the Contest, several aspects can be highlighted. The Spanish wineries have played an important role in the category of white wines, where 6 of them, among which are wineries such as Vegamar, Bodegas Franco Españolas or Covides, obtained Diamond medals for their wines. In the sparkling white wines category, Rovellats (also awarded with its sparkling rosé) and Pago de Tharsys, as well as the Hubert Slovak Brut, have been awarded with Diamond medals. The Spanish wines have won all the medals in the still rosé category, with 6 Ruby and Diamond medals for wines from Navarra, Penedés, Jumilla and Cigales made by Vega del Castillo, Thesaurus, Pío del Ramo and Anecoop.

In red wines category, a peculiarity is remarkable. While all the medals in the category of red wines without barrel aging have been granted to Spanish wineries, such as Martín Códax, El Soleado or Viñas del Bierzo, the red wine with barrel aging with the best valuation from the Jury comes from the Hungarian winery Wunderlich Borászati Kft. The rest of the medal chart in the category of red wines with aging is completed with wines from Chile, Spain and Portugal, representing wineries such as Viña La Rosa, Murviedro, MGWines or Solar dos Loendros.

Finally, regarding the aromatic, sweet and liqueur varieties, it is worth mentioning the good role played by the wines from Slovakia, which have demonstrated their quality and innovation in several categories of the Contest. Thus, Diamond and Ruby medals were awarded to the aromatic and sparkling aromatic wines of Slovak wineries such as Sky Group Slovakia, Karpatská Perla or Profmat. The best sweet wine of the Contest was presented by the Canarian Tunte winery, being also awarded the sweet wines from the Italian Azienda Agricola Adanti. Finally, the category of liqueur wines was dominated both by the Slovak wines of Tokaj & Co and by the Portuguese Cooperativa Agrícola de Funchal, which received a total of 5 Diamond medals.

These results, which can be consulted in full on the website of the Contest, definitely end with the old clichés that maintained that women prefer clear wines, with low graduations and sweet trend. On the contrary, the women’s Jury has awarded numerous medals to aging and dry wines, showing that women appreciate quality wine in all its aspects.

The wines awarded in Wine and Women 2018 will be able to show the distinctive signs that will mark them as the preferred ones by women, a mention that without a doubt will attract the attention of consumers in general and of women in particular, improving even more its presence and prestige. In addition, those award-winning wines whose wineries have shown that they have at least 50 % female participation in decision-making areas will also have the special distinction of ‘best wines made by women’.

All the wines that obtained the Diamond distinction will participate from 9th to 11th November in INTERWINE Guangzhou, where they will be presented to several groups of distributors and importers. In the same way, they will be protagonists in the Autumn edition of VINORO, the most exclusive event of Contests’ WINNING WINES.

Wine and Women International Awards


  • Wine and Women International Awards takes into consideration the women’s preferences (female jury). It is important, because in many countries, most of the wine is primarily purchased by women.


  • This competition is the only one that values the female participation in the production and commercial processes of wine. After ten years of existence, it has become a reference for women world-wide, in the wine sector.


  • This competition promotes the knowledge of wine of outstanding quality, judged by a highly professional and international jury.

What is awarded in Wine and Women?

Wines made by women

Valuations from a female jury

Objective quality of the wine

This pioneering competition, proudly presents one more year the only event in the world that focuses on recognizing the importance of the women in the wine sector, awarding Medals for Excellence:

  • GRAND DIAMOND: At least 92 points – equivalent to Grand Gold
  • DIAMOND: At least 85 points – equivalent to Gold
  • RUBY: At least 82 points – equivalent to Silver
  • EMERALD: At least 80 points – equivalent to Bronze


The wines participate in two categories: GENERAL and SPECIAL AWARDS

In the general category, the competition awards the Quality of the Wine, evaluated by an INTERNATIONAL FEMALE JURY and in the SPECIAL AWARDS category; only Wines made by Women are participating.

The competition has, since its start, been open to wines that have been produced by wineries where women share at least 50% of the responsibility in key areas. But in addition, since 2017, all wines and especially those targeting female consumers can participate. This is motivated by the fact that women are, increasingly, the ones making the final decision on which wine to purchase for every occasion.

The jury is integrated by women, all highly trained professionals in the wine sector and experts in sensory analysis, including oenologists, sommeliers, trade-professionals and wine journalists. The jury will choose the best wines under official regulated conditions and the supervision of the OIV and ASECONBE.

Registering the wines for the competition is easily done online or by downloading the registration form. Discounts are offered if more than one sample is entered. The registration is open and the deadline for registration and sending your wines is May 1, 2018.

REGISTER NOW and discover the valuations that women make of your wine.

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