The Best People’s Wine International Awards 2018

CONCURSOSDEVINO.COM announces the The The Best People’s Wine 2018 (TBPW), Wine Competition where the customer has the opinion. This Contest will be developed with the assistance of Alamesa, S.L. Wine & Beer Action Marketing, and with the collaboration of, activist movement of wine.

DATE AND PLACE: 26th October 2018, Bodega Urbana (Las Rozas, Madrid).
REGISTRATION FEE: 50 € for WINERY, up to 5 different wines, 25 € per individual WINE. Spanish wineries must add current VAT (21 %) to these fees.
Send 4 bottles for each participating wine (6 in case of 0,5 liters bottles), attaching the required documents (payment document and Registration Form in case you do not make online registration) to:

Plaza de Almagro 1
28770 Colmenar Viejo – Madrid (Spain)

The Organization puts at the disposal of the participants a logistic system of collection and shipment of samples to the Contest, with a cost per participating wine of 25 € for Spain and 50 € for the rest of Europe. Select the corresponding box on the Form to request it, or contact to know the details of the service.

The Best People's Wine International Awards


Because you will be able to know the opinions and preferences of the wines buyer, a crucial information

What is awarded in The Best People's Wine?

Opinion of professionals and consumers

General quality of the wine

Design and price

The Best People’s Wine takes over from the Me Gusta Awards, giving the consumer the opportunity to value the samples presented.

The Best People’s Wine gives consumers the opportunity to express what they like, what they observe and what they pursue when deciding on a wine. For the first time, a wine will be evaluated by the consumer’s own preferences. In addition, it shows and presents to consumers the different wines and the different production regions.

TBPW gives the possibility of obtaining a direct opinion from the consumer about the wines.

It supposes a market investigation for the wineries, since it facilitates to know the opinion of the consumer and offers to the producer the statistics of preferences in front of other competing wines.

Me gusta 2016

On the one hand, the professional tasting is carried out by prescribers, sommeliers and specialists, usually present in national and international contests, in which wines are qualified with the parameters established in the quality tastings.

The convened consumers, after selecting them according to their knowledge about wine, also participate in this scoring system, but they add value to the tasting, giving their opinion about the price, the design of the bottle, the color, the taste and the aroma of the wine. These data are then communicated to the wineries, so they know more closely what buyers think about their products.

Me gusta 2016

In this way, the Organization aims to bring consumers and producers closer together, so that a real demand is covered, as well as enhancing the culture and enjoyment of wine in a responsible manner.

TBPW offers the result of the voting in a personalized way, so that each wine receives a certificate with the statistics of its tasting in the Contest.

The advantages that represents for a winery to know firsthand the opinion of experts and consumers are evident. As expressed by the opinion of participants in previous editions, “I never thought that a market investigation could cost me only 10 euros”.

REGISTER NOW and know what professionals and consumers think about your wine.