National Design Competition Vinográfic 2020

VinoGráfic 2020 was held on April 8 in Madrid. Below you can check the results of the Contest.


Results of the 2nd edition of the Wine AwardsGráfic, National Wine Brand Image Design Contest

Telematically evaluated by judges, the second edition in 2020 has awarded the best designs, corporate image strategies, advertising and marketing campaigns in digital media in the wine sector

On April 8, 2020, the different telematic scores of the final phase of WineGráfic 2020. The second edition of this Wine Marketing and Design Contest has been organized by the specialized consultancy ALAMESA Wine & Beer Action Marketing, always at the forefront of the nearest future of Marketing in the sector. The contest is the first national Contest whose objective is recognize and reward the work of design, communication and specific marketing in the world of wine. These awards are as pioneering as they are necessary, since in the sector there are very many contests that reward the objective quality of wine as such, but until now there was no contest that valued brand image design as an added value, each being increasingly important in purchasing decisions.

The Contest convened all those wineries, design studios, freelance professionals and advertising offices that carry out their usual work in the world of wine, being able to present their most creative and innovative works and projects, within different categories, including labels , naming, packaging, advertising campaigns, corporate identity or presence in digital media. The call was fully successful with more than 100 works received in the different categories and sub-categories of the Contest.

The jury of the Contest, chaired by the plastic artist Inma Amo, and made up of a large number of national and international professionals, experts in different areas such as graphic design, communication, marketing, advertising and digital assets, it electronically assessed the different projects received during the month of March. Once their scores for this first phase had been recorded, those projects that in the opinion of the professional jury were the best in their category, and that consequently made their way to the final round, were physically exposed for a more detailed analysis. Finally, the judges of WineGráfic they met telematically with the material presence of all the works, to debate and decide the absolute winning projects of the Contest.

In view of the final results, different relevant facts should be highlighted. In the first place, the great atomization of the wine sector, with the participation of numerous companies and small wineries, means that marketing strategies are not currently fully applied, and therefore some sub-categories of WineGraphics have been deserted in terms of awards. However, the important creative capacity of companies in the sector is noteworthy despite the still low investments in Marketing, Design and Communication. Thus, in view of the awarded works, it can be concluded that the sector has innovative companies that understand that its wines are also chosen for "the eyes", paying increasing attention to its brand image and that of its products, as a differentiating element against the competition.

After deliberation by the judges, the final medal table shows. in addition to the winners, other highly rated works that reached the final. Thus, making a brief review of the medal table of the Contest, in the category of Product Image, the projects stood out ELIKA de MG Wines as best Label, finalists in this category were Casar de Vide, Castle of Monte la Reina Cuvée Privé, Diorama, Emina Verdejo, Inaraja, Las Margas, Sound y Wine & Fly.

As the best packaging, it was Message in a Bottle de Francisco José Girón, being a finalist Diorama.

As the best Display Box DIORAMA de Pinord wineries, as finalists in this category Elika, this is Magnum y Lulu, and highlight 0 Parker points de The Cavino as best Naming. Regarding Corporate Image, the works were awarded DIORAMA as the best Advertising Material, and as the best Digital Commercial Image presented by Francisco José Girón. The following sub-categories were thus deserted, as the jury considered that the works presented in them did not reach the artistic and creative level sufficient to award prizes: Advertising Campaign, Product Catalog, Logo and Corporate Identity.

Through these recognitions, WineGraphics aims to be one more motivating element for the wine sector to move towards a more professionalized use of Marketing and Communication, thus encouraging the creativity and innovation in designs related to the wine world. The awarded projects will not only be able to boast of having designs that have been recognized and valued by reputed and demanding experts in Communication and Advertising, but they will also be able to benefit from the presence of their products in different events, presentations and professional acts that the Organization of the Contest will develop in the coming months, once commercial activity in the world is normalized, in order to make known to the general public the excellence of the designs that make wine a prestigious, appreciated and widely distinguished product worldwide.

Vinográfic Competition


Because "THE IMAGE" is an essential part in conquering markets, and it is the first impression that a buyer takes.

Because wine is transforming from a consumer product to a PREMIUM product.

Because it is essential to be well valued compared to others.

Because having 'a name and a picture' determines the success of the future.

What does Vinográfic award?

Design and Originality

Distinction and Practicality

Diffusion and Style

SIGN UP and show that the marketing and design of your products has nothing to envy of their quality.

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