The Best People's Wine International Awards 2019

The Best People's Wine 2019 was held on October 24 in Madrid. Below you can check the results of the Contest.


The Best People's Wine Awards celebrates its second edition, combining a professional jury and an amateur jury to award the wines that most like

This contest, which takes the witness of the I LIKE Contest, combines the evaluations of a professional jury with extensive experience in sensory analysis, with the opinions of the jury made up of amateurs and wine consumers.

On October 24, they were held in the Cambridge Soho Club of Madrid the tastings corresponding to the first edition of the The Best People's Wine Awards. This wine quality contest, organized by Alamesa Wine & Beer Action Marketing, has a fundamental characteristic that differentiates it from the rest of the competitions in the sector: the best wines, and therefore those that will be awarded, will be those chosen by both the professionals of the sector and by consumers, taking into account other aspects apart from the classic organoleptic characteristics, such as the price or the design of the bottle.

To the Contest a total of 72 wines attended of different styles, setting a new record in terms of the number of samples registered in the contest. The mechanics of the tastings for the professional juries were not different from the usual in this type of Competitions. They faced a blind tasting of the different participating samples, telematically assessing aspects such as appearance, aroma, flavor, tactile sensations and general impression of the wine. For its part, the popular jury carried out a simpler blind tasting, scoring only the appearance, aroma and flavor of the wine. Once their votes had been cast regarding these parameters, the bottles were uncovered and the sale price of each wine was provided to them, in order to assess parameters such as the design and presentation of the product, and its value for money. For the final medal table of the Contest, the judgments of both juries were taken into account, therefore the awarded wines were those that were best valued by professionals and amateurs.

Taking into account the final results, it can be concluded that both juries were tremendously demanding with the participating wines, and showed quite different criteria. A total of 14 medals were awarded, divided into a Great Gold medal, 10 Gold medals and 3 Silver medals. Thus, it is concluded that the combination of a jury of experts and another popular one leads to a particularly tough and competitive Contest, because based on the scores issued, the maximum possible number of medals awarded, set by the Regulations at 40, was not achieved. % of the number of registered samples.

Looking closely at the medal table of The Best People's Wine, two other significant conclusions can be drawn. First, the juries have shown their preference for red wines, which have monopolized a total of 9 medals, the rest being divided between sparkling, white, rosé and sweet wines. In addition, it has been possible to appreciate the great influence of price and its relation to quality with regard to the purchase decision, since the best valued wines do not show too high prices.

Going into detail in the final results, the best valued winery in these Awards has been ANECOOP, awarded with Gold medals for its sparkling wine Reymos Selection, its pink Unx Rosado de Tears Domain, its sweet Sol de Reymos, and for its red aged for less than one year The Red Enhebro, as well as Silver medals for their sparkling wines Life Vineyard Moscato Bianco y Living Vineyard Moscato Rosé. The winery also had a very prominent participation in the contest Marquis of Arviza, winner of the only Grand Gold medal for his Marqués de Arviza Reserve, as well as a Gold medal for The tractor, and a Silver medal for his Marqués de Arviza Special Selection.

The Castellón people completed the medal table of the Contest Wind y Perdition de Cooperativa Viver, the Portuguese Violin de Portucalense County, the Valencian Flower of Taverners Exclusive Collection de Heretat de Taverners winery, and the Riojan Viña María Luisa Six Months de Bodegas MA, all of them distinguished with a Gold medal.

These results will provide participating wineries valuable statistical information, as it includes both the preferences of the professionals of the sector as well as the amateurs and consumers, at the time its potential consumers. Thus, it can be stated that The Best People's Wine Awards facilitates participating producers the most extensive information provided by a wine quality contest, as it values ​​and rewards the sensory aspects of the wine and the parameters related to its presentation and its value for money, taking into account the opinion of the consumer.

From now on the award-winning wines will be able to wear the badge that recognizes them as the favorites of both professionals and amateurs, an award that very few wines can boast of. However, the award-winning wineries will be able to boast that the opinion of the buyer has been heard and taken into account on their part, thus producing high-quality wines, with an eye-catching presentation and a price that is consistent and adjusted to their characteristics.

The Best People's Wine Awards


Because you will be able to know the opinions and preferences of the wine buyer, crucial information

What does The Best People's Wine reward?

Opinion of professionals and consumers

General wine quality

Design and price

The Best People's Wine takes over from the Like Awards, providing the opportunity for consumers to comment on the samples presented.

The Best People's Wine gives consumers the opportunity to express what they like, what they look for and what they are after when deciding on a wine. For the first time, a wine will be evaluated by the consumer's own taste. In addition, it shows and presents to consumers the different wines and the different production regions.

TBPW gives the possibility to obtain a direct opinion of the consumer about its wines.

It involves a market investigation for wineries, since it makes known consumer opinion and offers the producer a taste statistic compared to other competing wines.

I like 2016

On the one hand, the professional tasting is carried out by prescribers, sommeliers and specialists, usually present in national and international competitions, in which the wines are graded with the parameters established in the quality tastings.

Consumers summoned, after selection according to their knowledge of the wine, also participate in this scoring system, but they add value to the tasting, giving their opinion on the price, the design of the bottle, the color, the flavor and the aroma of wine. These data are subsequently communicated to the wineries, so that they know more closely what buyers think of their products.

I like 2016

In this way, the Organization intends to bring the consumer and producer closer together, so that a real demand is met, as well as to promote culture and the enjoyment of wine in a responsible manner.

TBPW offers the results of the voting in a personalized way, so that each wine receives a certificate with the statistics of its tasting in the Contest.

The advantages for a winery to know first-hand the opinion of experts and consumers are obvious. As expressed by the opinion of participants in previous editions, "I never thought that a market investigation could cost me only 10 euros."

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