International Supremum Competition 2019

Supremum 2019 was held on October 24 in Madrid. Below you can check the results of the Contest.


The third edition of the Supremum awards concludes, the contest that rewards the best wines available in specialized stores and supermarkets

This contest highlights the best premium wines on the market, those with a sale price of more than € 10, making it clear that quality wine is increasingly appreciated and sought after by consumers.

Last October 24th took place in the Cambridge Soho Club de Madrid the final tasting session corresponding to the third edition of the Supremum Awards 2019. This wine quality contest, organized one more year by Alamesa Wine & Beer Action Marketing, has a fundamental objective: to value and recognize the quality of wines that present particularities that differentiate them from the rest, those that seek to position yourself as special or "Premium" within the product portfolio of each winery.

Given that, globally, more than half of wine is sold by the bottle for private consumption, SUPREMUM WINE It is committed to making the presence of new brands and commercial proposals known among the specialized trade and among consumers, aimed at giving wine even greater prestige. A total of 76 different wines from both national and international wineries took part in the Contest, all of them fulfilling the requirement of having a sale price equal to or greater than 10 euros. With this condition, an attempt is made to promote those wines with which winemakers seek excellence, "excellent" wines equivalent to Premium distillates.

A prestigious Jury made up of specialists in sensory analysis and experts such as sommeliers, oenologists, specialized journalists and marketers, tasted and evaluated the different samples participating in SUPREMUM WINE, finally awarding a total of 12 medals, of which 2 Great Gold, 7 Gold and 3 Silver.

In the tasting sessions, two wines stood out over the rest of the participants in the contest, being highly appreciated and well valued by the members of the Jury, who finally distinguished them with Grand Gold medals: the red with aging of up to 12 months Requena fortress, from the Valencian winery Viniculture Requenense, And the Marqués de Arviza Reserve de Bodegas Marqués de Arviza, within the category of reds with more than one year of aging. In them, the judges of the Contest highlighted both the high quality of the wine and its aging, as well as its prominent role as reference wines within the commercial catalog of their respective wineries.

In the category of white wines, the young white from Rías Baixas was awarded Pazo Pegullal de Granxa Pegullal, which highlighted the excellent reputation of the white wines and grapes of its region, being worthy of a Gold medal. For its part, in the category of young reds, a Silver medal was awarded to the Violin from the portuguese winery Portucalense County, the only international representative in the medal table of the Contest. But nevertheless, the categories that received the most awards were those of aged reds, which indicates that a good part of the wineries dedicate their greatest efforts to this type of wine, to demonstrate to the consumer their good work and the high quality of their wine. product. Thus, red wines with aging from Denominations of Origin such as Rioja, Tacoronte-Acentejo or Bierzo were awarded. He highlighted the role of Bodegas Marqués de Arviza, because in addition to the Grand Gold mentioned above, he harvested a Gold medal for his red with more than one year of aging The tractor, and a Silver medal for his Marqués de Arviza Special Selection.

These results will enhance the image and impact of excellent wines, those in which each winery puts all its efforts and know-how in the world of wine. Thus, the award-winning wines in the contest will be able to wear from now on the distinctive that recognizes them as the best wines "Supremum" From the market, something that will make it easier for consumers and fans to identify and locate such distinguished wines at their usual points of sale. In addition, the Organization of the Contest has planned for the coming months a large number of promotional activities, both nationally and internationally, in order to make known to the consumer and professionals of the sector the excellence of the award-winning wines in the contest .

International Supremum Wine Competition


Because your best wine deserves to be recognized as Supremum

What does Vino Supremum reward?

Packaging design

Product added values

Wine price

Wine has become the most consumed beverage with alcoholic content in the world. Without a doubt, THE FASHIONED DRINK.

Although this consumption is produced at home or on many occasions it is bought as a gift, as in most countries it is considered a select and distinctive product.

These circumstances show or determine that many of the wines are bought without knowing their organoleptic characteristics and yes by sight (presence, design, presentation). More for the "brand" and distinctive attributes than for the price.

The contest SUPREMUM WINEIn addition to considering all the quality parameters of the International Wine Organizations and Contests, it performs scores on presentation, packaging design, added values ​​and finally the price, so that the resulting values ​​are closer to the purchase criteria / sale in food stores and specialized stores, including online stores.

In this way, the Organization intends to bring the consumer closer to the specialized trade, either to Gourmet stores, specialized sections of Department Stores or Online Stores, which are characterized by their selection and knowledge.

That is to say, towards the world trend of EXCELLENT wine (what in the distillate market is known as PREMIUM), in such a way that a real demand is covered, as well as promoting culture and the enjoyment of wine in a responsible way.

The Contest will choose the best wines by Price Range, excluding those of less than 10 euros RRP. Without disregarding these wines, the Contest intends to distinguish between Commercial Offer Wines or everyday consumption, and Wines with a clear vocation to make a difference and be chosen for special moments.

The winners They will be able to distinguish their products with the credentials of the prizes obtained.

The winning wines They may be presented at meetings organized for businesses and distribution chains.

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