Our objetive

CONCURSOSDEVINO.COM was created with the purpose of informing the World Calendar of Wine or Wine-Based Drinks Contests.

The OBJECTIVE quality of Wine is measured and scored in Sensory Analysis laboratories. and also in tastings held with hidden samples and with the minimum information required to differentiate the different qualities, production or aging formats.

These types of tastings are those that are held in Official Competitions, and therefore we can affirm that the TARGET quality is obtained there.

Another thing is the valuation of the wines that journalists make, which always refers to their personalized opinions, where many other factors intervene in addition to quality.

From this page we will publish the results of the Contests, the identities of the judges and everything that allows wine lovers, producers, merchants, and ultimately the sector, take into account the medal-winning wines.

If you think you can contribute to achieving our goals, you can contact us by email: info@concursosdevino.com

If you want to participate in the tastings of the Contests, you can do it as:

  • VOLUNTARY (No degree required): Sorting and serving wines
  • JURY (WINE JUDGE qualification is required): Being part of the tasting juries if the Contest Directors approve your CV