ConVino International Awards 2019

ConVino 2019 was held on June 27 in Madrid. Below you can check the results of the Contest.


The IV Edition of the ConVino International Awards concludes, the Contest that awards the best wine-based drinks

This peculiar Contest focuses on recognizing the quality of drinks such as sangrías, liqueur wines, frizzantes, vermouths or low-alcohol wines, products that increase their market share year after year.

On June 27, it was held at the facilities of the Spanish Tasting School in Madrid the final tasting session corresponding to the ConVino International Awards. This original and innovative Contest, which commemorated its IV Edition this year, is organized by Alamesa Wine & Beer Action Marketing. The Contest stands out for the peculiarity of being one of the few national competitions that awards the best wine-based drinksProducts that enjoy consumer support but are rarely accepted in traditional Quality Contests. Thus, the record in ConVino It is open to drinks such as sangrías, vermouths, low-alcohol wines, wines with fruits and other additives, liquor wines, mistelas and religious wines, which in this way can compete and demonstrate their high quality and distinction.

They took part in the final tasting round of the Contest a total of 52 different samples, which were examined and assessed by a Jury made up of various wine professionals and experts in sensory analysis, such as sommeliers, oenologists, prescribers, trainers and specialized journalists. As observed in previous editions, the level of demand from the members of the jury has been very high, and for this reason only 12 medals were awarded in four different categories of the Contest, thus awarding the most outstanding wine-based drinks of the Contest. .

In the category of frizzantes wines, the Secret Moment Moscato de Copaboca wineries, awarded a Gold medal. The category medal table was completed by a frizzante from the same winery, Secret Moment, and two from the winery Viñas del Bierzo, Alma Mater White y Alma Mater Pink, all of them distinguished with a Silver medal. As for blue wines, a product that continues to gain followers for combining an impressive image and remarkable quality, the medals were distributed among the Secret Moment Blue de Copaboca wineries and Mediterranean Blue Classic de Santa Margarita Winery, both deserving of a Silver medal.

The highest distinction of the Contest, a Great Gold medal, went to the Vermouth Robles de Bodegas Robles, which stood out against other equally awarded vermouths, such as Goya Vermouth de Camilo Castilla winery, And the Cabecita Loca Vermouth de Binomio Wines, which were each won with Gold medals. Finally, in the Sangrías category, the Lemonade de Prada to Top was recognized with a Gold medal, while the Crazy Head de Binomio Wines y La Zurra de La Zurra they achieved well-deserved Silver medals.

These results, which can be consulted in detail on the Contest website, the quality and excellence of wine-based beverages stand out in a special way, some products that enjoy a great acceptance by the consumer but that, in return, in many occasions are considered within the wine sector as drinks of a lower rank. In this way, it is demonstrated that the effort of wineries and producers to produce different, original and eye-catching beverages, goes hand in hand with the search for a quality product that meets the demands of an increasingly specialized public and knowledgeable about the market.

But the award-winning drinks in ConVino 2019 Not only will they have the right to wear the badges that certify the medals they have won, but they will also be able to benefit from many other advantages aimed at their promotion and dissemination. In the first place, the best valued samples were offered on June 28 to fans of the world of wine in a very crowded Wine, which allowed potential consumers to know in detail and first-hand the excellence of these wine-based drinks. But in addition, the winning wineries will be able to take part in promotional actions reserved for products with a medal, such as the exhibition and presentation of their drinks in the next Autumn edition of the VINORO room, which will take place on November 4 in Madrid and which welcomes the select group of wines and gourmet products that have won Gold Medals during the last year, and at the International Fair Interwine, to be held this fall in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

ConVino Awards


Because drinks made with a wine base they also deserve an award commensurate with their quality.

What does ConVino reward?

Wine-based drinks

Innovation and originality

Product quality and presentation

ConVino It is an event that makes the reality of wine present.

New hobbyists demand wine-based drinks. ConVino is the first contest for them, so that their medals are real and they can compete to show what their qualities are. ConVino is an event that makes the reality of wine present.

During the year 2017, wine-based beverages have been the ones that have grown the most, due to the great demand from the consumer. Faced with this reality, ConVino arises, a contest that advocates evaluating and promoting wine-based beverages.

It is committed to the search for new business formulas that focus on consumer tastes, resulting in a catalog of very innovative, and even transgressive, new drinks.

In addition, new designs and more suggestive packaging are sought to attract the attention of new potential consumers, as well as experimentation with exotic flavors, giving rise to new sensory experiences for younger audiences.

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