Champions Wine 2020 announces CHAMPIONS WINE, International Quality Contest for wines made in Europe that have been recognized in the last 12 months with a medal in Wine Quality Contests, or that have obtained scores higher than 85 in Guides published in Europe. This Contest will be developed with the assistance of Alamesa, SL Wine & Beer Action Marketing, and with the support and recognition of the AEPEV.

The Grand Final tastings of the 2020 edition of CHAMPIONS WINE will take place on October 20 at the Spanish School of Tasting in Madrid. The official results will be made public very soon.

LAST COMMUNICATION - Final Phase 2020 Edition

The rounds CHAMPIONS WINE 2020 qualifiers, with nearly 50 wines earning their pass to the annual Grand Final

On September 3, the tastings corresponding to the fourth and last qualifying phase of Champions Wine 2020. This Wine Quality Contest is organized by Alamesa, Wine & Beer Action Marketing, and celebrates its sixth edition throughout this year. In it, the wines that have obtained medals in Contests or high scores in Wine Guides during the last year compete with each other to achieve one of the most prestigious and coveted awards in the industry.

More than 700 wines have taken part in the four previous qualifying rounds, held in the months of March, April, June and September, and a total of 48 wines got direct access to the final phase. In this way, in the Champions Wine 2020 final that It will take place next October 21 in MadridWines representing nearly twenty Denominations of Origin from all over the country will participate, covering all the categories open in the Contest.

It should be noted that, in addition to the wines classified through the previous rounds, In the final, those wines awarded with Grand Gold medals, or recognized with 92 points or more in Wine Guides published in Europe, may participate. Thus, it is expected that around 70 very high quality wines will face each other in the annual Grand Final, opting to achieve the Wine Champions Wine 2020 award which recognizes it as the best among the best wines of the year. In addition to the award for the absolute winner of the edition, distinctions will be awarded to the wines that obtain the highest score in each of the categories of the Contest.

Red wine with more than 12 months of aging Sale of Port No. 18, presented by Anecoop Wineries, was the absolute winner in Champions Wine 2019, and will be able to defend his title in the final of this edition. The next October 21 will meet in Madrid a prestigious jury made up of professionals from the sector, such as experts in sensory analysis, oenologists, sommeliers, trainers, specialized journalists, marketers and technical directors of International Competitions. They will be in charge of tasting and evaluating the wines participating in the Grand Final, awarding the highest awards to those who obtain the highest scores.

Both the wines that have obtained their classification through the different previous rounds, as well as the wines with a Great Gold medal or high scores in Guides who wish to directly access the final phase, must confirm their participation in it using the registration form that is already available. It is enabled on the official website of the Contest,

The process of registration and sending of samples for the annual Grand Final will conclude on October 16. In the aforementioned website you can consult all the information related to the Contest, as well as the complete and detailed list of the wines that have gained access to the final round of Champions Wine 2020.

Champions Wine


Those wines that have obtained Medals of Gold, Great gold or equivalent distinctions in Official Competitions, or high scores in Guides published in Spain.

What does Champions Wine reward?

Objective wine quality

Professional appraisals

Overall product excellence

The existence of multiple competitions and guides in the wine sector makes it necessary to value those wines that stand out but not only in some of these competitions, as they are not always scored on equal terms. See the case of competitions such as MonoVino (only monovarietal wines), Tempranillos al Mundo (only of this variety), Vino y Mujer (wines made and tasted by women), Guide to the cheapest wines, Guide to Galician wines, etc. There are individual characteristics that propose the best wines but by individualized criteria.

Champions Wine proposes that these great wines compete with each other and submit to the most demanding jury, to be able to get as close as possible to the certainty that they are real the best among the best wines of Spain.

The criterion followed in the tastings is that of the Official Competitions. That is, the quality of the wines is objectively valued in blind tastings, without taking into account the prices or the image, although the lowest value wine or the best presentation will also be awarded a Special Distinction.

Only the wines that have obtained can participate Gold, Great gold or equivalent distinctions in Official Competitions, and wines with high scores in Guides published in Spain.

The final objective of this Contest is to make the Quality of Wine recognizable, verified and certified by Official Contests and endorsed by prestigious Guides, and to give value to wines with Gold medals or high scores in Spanish publications, beyond individual opinions or commercials that are transferred to consumers through social networks and other means little specialized in this matter.

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